Marcus M. Witcher, 20th Century U.S. History
Department of History, Huntingdon College 

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Section 1: 1865 to 1920 

1. The Experiment of Reconstruction, 1865-1870

Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address  

The Corwin Amendment 

Abraham Lincoln and the Corwin Amendment

14th Amendment

2. Compromise and Redemption, 1870-1877

The Civil Rights Act of 1875 

3. A Gilded Age or a Golden Age? 1877-1890

Charles W. Baird's "Labor Law Reform: Lessons from History" - Just the sections on Haymarket, Homestead, and Pullman. Pages 181-198. 

4. Populism: Agrarian Revolt, 1870-1896

Omaha Platform 1892

Carrie Nation's Radical Temperance

Slavery By Another Name: Jim Crow, 1880-1900

Slavery By Another Name Part One

5. The United States in the Age of Empires, 1890-1900

The Spanish American War Video 

Buffalo Soldiers Video

6. Progressive Reformers, 1900-1914

Excerpts from the Jungle 

Of Meat and Myth

7. Progressive Politics: Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson, 1900-1914

Video on the Progressive Presidents

The Creation of the Federal Reserve 

8. The Onset of World War I and Wilson's Quest to Make the World Safe for Democracy

The Zimmerman Telegram

The Sedition Act of 1918

Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points

Section 2: 1920 to 1968 

9. The Roaring Twenties, 1919-1928

Warren G. Harding, "Return to Normalcy"

Bessie Smith, "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out

Langston Hughes, "The Negro Speaks of Rivers"

10. The Great Depression: Causes and Consequences, 1920-1932

Mark Thornton, "Alcohol Prohibition was a Failure" 

11. New Deal or Raw Deal? 1932-1936

FDR's Fireside Chat on the New Deal

Herbert Hoover, "Challenge to Liberty"

12. New Deal or Raw Deal? 1936-1940

Huey Long, "Share the Wealth" Speech

Huey Long Speaks about the two parties

Father Coughlin, "Roosevelt and Ruin"

13. World War II, 1939-1945, Part I

America Declares War on Japan

Executive Order 9066

14. World War II, 1939-1945, Part II

View WWII American Propaganda Posters

15. From World War to Cold War, 1945-1950

Truman's Decision to Drop the A-Bomb

Ralph Raico, "Harry Truman and the Atomic Bomb"

16. The Second Red Scare and the Politics of Fear, 1945-1960

Senator Joe McCarthy's Telegram to President Truman

Senator McCarthy discusses "Communist Infiltration"

17. From Brown v. Board to the March on Washington, 1954-1963

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "Letter from Birmingham Jail"

Alabama Governor George Wallace, "Schoolhouse Door" Speech

18. From Selma to the Rise of Black Power

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "I've Been to the Mountaintop" Speech

Black Panther Party Platform, 1966 

Section 3: 1960 to 2018

19. Camelot: The Kennedy Administration, 1960-1963

President Kennedy's Inauguration Speech

Theodore H. White, "For President Kennedy: An Epilogue"

20. Vietnam and Its Aftermath

Ho Chi Minh, "Declaration of Independence, Democratic Republic of Vietnam"

Mi Lai Massacre Documentary

The Pentagon Papers

21. New Left, New Right: The Redefinition of American Politics

Richard Nixon, "If Mob Rule Takes Hold in the U.S."

President Johnson, "The Great Society" 

Ronald Reagan's "A Time for Choosing"

22. Nixon, détente, and Watergate: 1968-1974

The Cold War Détente video

23. From Ford to Carter: Crisis at Home and Abroad, 1974-1981

President Carter, "Crisis of Confidence Speech"

President Reagan Announces His Campaign for the Presidency

24. The Rise of Reagan: Domestic Policies, 1980-1988

Fractures in the Conservative Movement video

25. The Age of Reagan? The End of the Cold War, 1980-1991

Ronald Reagan, "Tear Down this Wall"

The Fall of the Berlin Wall video

26. Bush and Clinton: Trying to Define America in the Post-Cold War World, 1988-2000

President Bush Addresses the Nation on the Budget

Clinton on NAFTA

27. George W. Bush, 9/11, and the Quest to Redefine American Foreign Policy: 2000-2008

President George W. Bush Speaks to the Nation on 9/11

George W. Bush at Ground Zero in New York City

President George W. Bush, "Axis of Evil" Speech

Osama bin Laden, "Letter to America