Marcus M. Witcher, 20th Century U.S. History
Department of History, Huntingdon College 

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1. Backgrounds of Ancient Greek History 

2. The Minoans and the Mycenaeans 

Homer, the Iliad, The Shield of Achilles

3. The Greek Dark Ages

Hesiod, Theogony (excerpts)

Hesiod, Work and Days (excerpts)

Homer, Odyssey (excerpts)

4. The Archaic Age: The Emergence of the City-State 

Aristotle, Politics

5. The Archaic Age: The Formation of Greek Society

Hesiod, Works and Days (Story of Pandora)

Aristotle, Politics (excerpts on slavery and women)

6. The Greek City State: Oligarchy, Tyranny, and Democracy

Plutarch, The City-State of Sparta 

Plutarch, Life of Lycurgus

Xenophon, The Spartan Constitution

7. The Persian Wars 

8. Imperial Athens 

9. Culture and Society in Classical Athens 1

Sappho, Poems

Euripides, Medea

10. Culture and Society in Classical Athens 2

11. The Peloponnesian War

Pericles, Funeral Oration

Xenophon, Hellenica (excerpts)

12. The Aftermath of the Peloponnesian War

Plato, Apology 

Plato, Republic (excerpts)

Reacting to the Past

Plutarch, Life of Cimon (excerpts)

Xenophon, The Economist (excerpts)

13. Alexander the Great

14. The Hellenistic Age