Marcus M. Witcher, 20th Century U.S. History
Department of History, Huntingdon College 

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Part I:

Lecture 1: Introduction/Setting the Stage

Lecture 2: The Middle East Before the Prophet

Lecture 3: Pillars of Faith: What Do Muslims Believe? 

Lecture 4: The Early Arab Conquests

Lecture 5: The High Caliphate

Lecture 6: Shi'ites and Turks, Crusaders and Mongols

Lecture 7: Islamic Civilization

Lecture 8: Firearms, Slaves, and Empire

Lecture 9: European Interests and Imperialism 

Part II: 

Lecture 10: The Roots of Arab Bitterness

Lecture 11: Modernizing Rulers in the Independent States

Lecture 12: Egypt and the Fertile Crescent Under European Control

Lecture 13: The Contest for Palestine

Lecture 14: Israel's Rebirth and the Rise of Arab Nationalism

Lecture 15: War and the Quest for Peace

Lecture 16: The Reassertion of Islamic Power

Lecture 17: The Gulf War and the Peace Process

Lecture 18: The War on Terrorism

Lecture 19: The Season of Arab Discontent