Marcus M. Witcher, 20th Century U.S. History
Department of History, Huntingdon College 

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Part One: From the Dawn of Civilization to the Fall of Rome

1. Introductory Lecture

2. The Ancient Near East

3. Egyptian Civilization 

4. The Early Greeks and the Rise of the Greek Polis

5. Divergent Models of the Polis: Athens, Sparta, and Corinth

6. The Peloponnesian War

7. The Macedonian Empire and its Dissolution 

8. Early Rome and the Roman Republic

9. Crisis in the Roman Republic

10. The Fall of the Republic and the Beginning of the Imperial Period

11. Imperial Rome and Early Christianity

12. The Conversion of the Empire and the "Barbarian" Threat

13. The Dissolution of the Roman Empire in the West

Part Two: From the Fall of Rome to the Reformation

14. Early Medieval Europe

15. The Franks and Medieval Society

16. Viking Culture and Society 

17. The Idea of England: Alfred the Great and His Progeny 

18. The Medieval Church and Spiritual-Secular Conflicts

19. Monarchies, Papal and Secular 

20. The Rise of Islam

21. The Crusades

22. Medieval Intellectual Life

23. Towns, Trade, and the Black Death

24. Renaissance I: Humanism and Culture

25. Renaissance II: Machiavelli and Secular Politics

26. Luther and the Protestant Reformation I

27. Luther and the Protestant Reformation II